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While we can do our best to practice healthy behaviors on our own, community support can help encourage everyone to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. When 5-2-1-0 is out in the community it can remind children and families that it is important to be healthy everywhere, and every setting can be an opportunity for learning. So whether you host an afterschool program, summer camp, or are having a community event keep 5-2-1-0 in mind! 

Contact your local 5-2-1-0 representative for more ideas on how to promote 5-2-1-0 health behaviors in the community. If you would like a 5-2-1-0 Let’s Go! representative to come to an event or give a presentation, please contact us using the Contact Us tab




Community events bring us closer together and remind us of all the great resources our area offers. Events such as health fairs, runs or walks, and community fairs offer the perfect opportunity to promote healthy behaviors and educate our neighbors about 5-2-1-0. Each September we host a Day of Play, so stay tuned for upcoming dates! Start with policies such as “no sugary beverages.” You can also distribute 5-2-1-0 resources to help attendees overcome barriers to making healthy choices.